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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Last Edited date control wish
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 15:29:43 -0500
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I don't use the last edited date at all, since I don't think it has much
value, probably because of the current discussion, but if I were to use a
date field for something like this, I think I would be lobbying, not to
change the current last edit date, but rather to add a date field to each
tag edit screen that could be used for the purposed that Astrid described in
the last chat.

It would be a user controlled (not automatic) date field that could be used,
or not based on your needs that could be searched on, or filtered on, that
the user could then use for finding tags that were edited (according to
their description) on or before a certain date.

In other words, a new date field that had nothing to do with the date or
sort date of a tag, that would be user editable, that would allow me to keep
up with changes not on a per person basis as the current last edited date
does, but rather on a tag by tag basis. Then you could not only track those
changes, but you could do it on a tag by tag basis. John Smith's marriage
data was changed, but not his birth or death.

I would find a use for that field, but the current last edited date to me
doesn't help much. One, as Astrid stated in the chat, if you change the
local sentence, it changes the last edited date. Two, you still have to hunt
for the data that was changed, and three, too many people are already
dependant on how the current date works for Bob and crew are going to agree
to a lot of changes in how it works.

Of course, then if Bob agreed to this, you'd still have to get John to
integrate it's use into SS, though I'd think you could create a last changed
file just by filtering for this date and then creating a User Sub Page.

Teresa Ghee Elliott
My genealogy blog

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Subject: Re: [TMG] Last Edited date control wish

On 07/14/2008 John Cardinal expressed:
> I say again that I understand why people might want the
> OK button in TMG to work differently
No, John, I think you misunderstand. The way the OK button works is
just fine. The issue is only whether "Last edited" *automatically*
gets changed.

> Meanwhile, I'll lobby for it to stay as-is.
Are you really opposed to an *option* to control automatic changes
to the "Last edited" date? If so, why?

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