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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Last Edited date control wish
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 16:52:43 -0400
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Michael said:

>Bob was concerned that this would change the meaning of this
>existing field and confuse an unsuspecting user.

I don't think that I said anything in the chat about confusing
unsuspecting users. I object on the grounds of data integrity. It
simply does not make sense to have an automated calculation like
"Last Edited" mean different things in different projects. It will
have ramifications in reports, data exchange, and perhaps many
unforeseen circumstances in the future.

While I understand why you don't want edits of the sentence structure
to "count" as an edit, it is part of the record and it IS an
edit. To allow "Last Edited" to mean the last time a date was edited
in your project but the last time that a place was edited in Astrid's
project (except in those cases where it means the reverse because you
changed your respective minds), to extend your line of thinking,
would reduce the administrative meaning of the field to
nothing. That would be the result of letting the user decide what
"Last Edited" means.

Note that I am NOT opposed to giving you the functionality that you
want. I simply don't think that redefining the meaning of an
existing field is the appropriate way to do it. I said that we could
perhaps use a new field for that purpose and I suggested that Astrid
make a proposal about how it would work.

Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

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