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From: "William M Roberts" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Merging Two people
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 09:20:31 -0400
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If you exclude some of the information from the merge process you will lose
data. If you allow the merge to complete without removing the check marks
both items will appear on the merged individuals detail window. Then you can
combine sources and data and delete the duplicate tags.

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From: "Art Eccles" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 9:11 AM
Subject: [TMG] Merging Two people

> If you are using the Look for Duplicate People function, I have noticed
> what
> could be a problem with the Merge Two people screen. If you merge two
> people where both have what appears to be an identical marriage tag, you
> could lose important data. If you look at the detail screen for both
> people, one marriage tag may have their spouses name and ID while the
> other
> one does not. This is not apparent in the merge screen as spouses names
> and
> IDs are not shown.
> If you merge the one with the spouse details to the one without spouse
> details, you lose the spouse details. So it is necessary to look at the
> detail screens for both people to avoid the problem, which seems to defeat
> the object of using Look for Duplicate People.
> Is it possible for the spouse details to be displayed in the Merge screen
> (if they exist) thus making it obvious which one you should keep?
> I have downloaded thousands of records from the IGI and am using a LOP in
> Excel form to find duplicates as I don't trust the Look for Duplicates and
> Merg in TMG for large numbers of people.
> Regards
> Art Eccles
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