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From: Richard Cleaveland <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Transfer place date(s) to place field?
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 08:23:11 -0400
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We should not forget that there is a place report available which can
include the comment field for places. This comment field could be used
to identify the unusual aspects of data entry for those places which
vary from some (previously) stated standard for the publication.


bob gillis wrote:
> DE Neilley wrote:
>> As a note about place names in reports - I find that people have a
>> tendency to be "home centered" (not including country names, asusming
>> people will know they are referrring to the USA or Australia or
>> wherever they are from) - I have gotten documents from other people
>> in Australia and been left wondering whether Brighton is the suburb
>> in Melbourne, Victoria, or the seaside town in England, because no
>> country names were included, because most of the events took place in
>> Australia. After a couple of lucky hits on the Internet many years
>> later, I discovered that it was Brighton, England!
> I do not enter USA if that is the country. I enter all other countries
> but for Canada I enter -Canada as many of my reports are mostly
> Canadian locations.
>> With regards to including the name County for places like Kent in
>> England, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that I will include
>> it, with a general explanatory note in the Introduction that many
>> places aren't really called that, because I have come across so many
>> situations with sources where I don't know whether it means the town
>> or the county (or in some cases, the town, the parish, or the
>> county!). I have decided that I am more interested in my relatives
>> knowing what I mean than a geographer being happy with it!
> Basically, if the name of the county is the same as the shire town, then
> shire is added to the County name.
> If not no suffix.
> There are a few exceptions
> The shire town of Kent is Canterbury, AIR, so the the county is Kent.
> York is shire town of Yorkshire.
> There was a thread on this with a full listing early this year or late
> in 2007.
> bob gillis
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