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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Full, then short place names in TMG reports
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 09:01:43 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

bob gillis wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Dec 2008 10:21:20 -0800, Marc Erlitz wrote:
>> Does TMG have the ability to print full, then
>> subsequently short place names in its reports?
>> I love this feature in Second Site, and would like to
>> be able to do the same within TMG.

> I do not use place styles but I have been doing what Mark
> Erlitz wants for years, long before Place Styles

What Marc is talking about has nothing to do with Place Styles.

> Example: Birth Tag I use the full Place: Detail, City,
> County, State and Country (for other than the USA and -
> Canada))
> For all subsequent Tags except Census I usually enter:
> Detail, City, -County, -State,-Country. I can add the
> other fields without exclusion markers if needed for
> clarity.

Yes, you can do that manually. What Marc is talking about is a feature in Second Site that does it automatically for each place after the first mention in a given person's write-up.

Terry Reigel

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