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From: "John Cardinal" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] pre surname
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:43:10 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

> I am wondering how (if?) you use the pre surname field in
> TMG.  I have recently been working on some of my husband's
> Polish ancestors and many of them seem to have the "Von"
> prefix as in Von Gruchalla or Von Glyshinski.  It seems
> inconsistently applied and often gets dropped once they get
> to the US.
> A quick search of "help" didn't yield much info on this
> field.  When I briefly played with it in my test database, it
> didn't act like I would expect.
> I would want the "Von" to print when the name appears in the
> reports, etc but I would like for it to be omitted in the PE
> or picklist.  So, the grandmother's name would be Von
> Gruchalla in reports, etc but would be sorted as Gruchalla in
> the PE so I could see it with other instances of Gruchalla
> that had dropped the "Von".
> Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on this issue.


If you find that a person appears in evidence as both "Tom Von Somebody" and
"Tom Somebody", I'd enter two Name-Var tags. I'd make sure that the "Von
Somebody" tag sorts under V and the "Tom Somebody" tag sorts under S.

In the "Von Somebody" tag, you can add the "Von" part to the Surname or
PreSurname. As Lee described, if you use the PreSurname field, you'll have
to create a Custom Name Style. Pay special attention to how you construct
the name style templates so you get the results you want. Specifically, I
suggest that you make the Surname sort template start like this:

[PreSurname] [Surname], ...

That way, the "Von" variations will sort under V.

The sort issue is important. Someone looking at a report index won't
normally look for a "Von Somebody" under S. You might, because you know that
you consider the surname to be "Somebody". Other people won't know that
rule. If you add two name tags, searching under S or V will work.


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