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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v7.04 is now available!
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 00:12:05 -0500

The following is excerpted from the free Wholly Genes Newsletter which
subscribers should receive within the next 24 hours. To subscribe,
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The Master Genealogist v7.04.0000 is now available. We're working on TMG
v8, including a fix to the word processor and HTML output problem under
the 64-bit version of Windows Vista (the problem does not apply to the
more common 32-bit version of Vista). In the meantime, however, this
free update adds a few new features and fixes other issues that were
brought to our attention by users.


o GenBridge - Support has been added for direct import from FTM 2008
and FTM 2009.
o [:NP:] code - In addition to suppressing punctuation, the code now
suppresses the spaces normally output at the end of the sentence.
o UK Edition - Edits were made to the sentences for the UK-specific
tags so that they would be more compatible with Second Site.
o Sample_UK project - Edits were made to the sentences for the
UK-specific tags so that they would be more compatible with Second Site.
o Details window - The beginner buttons to the right of the Tag Box
are now saved in the layout.
o Research task - The comments field now displays formatting rather
than the format codes.
o DNA templates - A revised template for the Relative Genetics 43
marker test was added.
o DNA templates - The screen design for the Y-DNA 'DNA Fingerprint'
templates has been updated to add additional fields.
o Log files - Added or revised the List of external exhibits.log,
Last backup.log, and _restore.log. The output to these logs will aid
managing external exhibits.
o Journal Report - The 'First Reference Number' field on the Options
/ General tab now accepts values from 1 - 99999.


o Tag Box - Double-excluded memos were showing in the Tag Box when
'Show excluded data' was selected.
o Tag Box - 'Filter for tags of this type' didn't work correctly
with Address and History group tags.
o Image window - The Image window could lose focus and show the
wrong person when selected from the Window menu.
o Associates window - The Associates window could lose focus and
show the wrong person when selected from the Window menu.
o Layouts - Layouts for multiple monitors weren't being applied when
selected from the Layout toolbar or from a custom toolbar.
o Tag Box Toolbar - There were cases when you had a Tag Entry screen
open or a Master list screen open that the [-] button on the Tag Box
Toolbar was active when it should have been inactive.
o Custom Toolbar Manager - Duplicate Book Manager selections were
consolidated and the remaining selection was cleaned up.
o Project Explorer - Filters - Selecting [Cancel] from the 'Fill in
the Blank' screen didn't cancel the filter.
o Project Explorer - Filters - If you filtered using the Query by
Example tab and then switched to the Filter tab, the screen had some
layout problems.
o Expanded Picklist - The options for the Event List mode were revised.
o Flag Manager - The messages received when trying to delete or edit
flags from disabled data sets were updated.
o Flag Manager - The messages when enabling disabled flags were updated.
o Validate File Integrity - There was a problem entering network
paths on the 'List of folders for location' screen for checking external
o Restore - Restore could produce an error - Array dimensions are
o Add Person - An error could occur when the program was set to
Beginner data entry mode and add sibling or add add child was selected
from the menu.
o Tag Entry screen - When adding a citation to a tag and opening and
editing a source from the Citation screen, it was possible to leave the
Master Source List open when backing out of the series of open screens.
o Add/Edit Witness - Selecting an alternate name from the Picklist
didn't result in that name being selected as the name used for the witness.
o Memo field - The function used to call an external text file from
memo fields was broken.
o Master Place List - Fixed cosmatic issues with the search window.
o Master Place List - You could lock up the master Place list by
maximizing the screen and clicking on the window background.
o Master Place List - A text correction was made on the Global
Search and Replace screen.
o Master Source List - A blank source was created if you started to
add a new source and then canceled.
o Source Definition Screen - If you had changed the Ibid. setting
and then changed the source type, the Ibid. setting was reset to default.
o Source export - Cleaned up the comments in the export file that is
o Place Information - Revised the GNIS site parameters for
o Research Log - An error occurred when certain tasks were opened.
o Research Log - When adding tasks to successive people who
previously had no research tasks, you could get an Open dialog when
using CTRL_F3 from the task Comments field.
o Exhibit Log - An error occurred when the [Load] function on the
Properties / General tab was used for successive exhibits.
o Exhibit Log - various issues when using the [Load] button in
exhibit properties were fixed.
o Exhibit Log - Using <Enter> after entering a filter value opened
the 'Select file for new exhibit' screen.
o Exhibit Log - Some valid exhibit paths were being seen as invalid
when the Preferences 'frowny faces' option was selected.
o Exhibit Log - There was an issue with certain video files, where
the video viewer did not open and play the video correctly.
o Exhibit Log - There was a circumstance where resizing the Exhibit
Log window was not being remembered.
o Slideshow Manager - fixed various issues when using the [Load]
button in frame properties.
o Slideshow Manager - An error occurred when overwriting an existing
slide show.
o DNA Log - The wrong test was opened under certain circumstances.
o DNA Log - Various tabbing issues on the DNA Log screen were resolved.
o DNA templates - The 'More information about this test' URLs for
the Ethnoancestry, Family Tree DNA and Relative Genetics templates were
o DNA templates - Most tabbing issues on the DNA fingerprint screen
were resolved.
o DNA templates - The Haplogroup field in the mtDNA template was not
being saved.
o GenSmarts - Users of the Silver edition of TMG7 could not open the
GenSmarts module from the Tools menu.
o Text Macros - Shift-F10 couldn't be used more than once. Note that
the focus will jump to the Menu when you use Shift-F10. You can click
back to where you want to use the macro and hit Shift+F10 again.
o Check for Duplicate People - Inconsistent results were obtained
when the project contained more than one data set.
o Merge Two People - Some changes were made to the keyboard behavior
when using the merge screen.
o Charts - A text correction was made to the "Visual Chartform"
selection in the file Type selection field on the report definition screen.
o Charts - When a chart was created, the default report output path
was being passed to Visual Chartform rather than the path specified in
o Descendant Box Chart - If you changed the Orientation on the Chart
Style tab, some of the options on the Lines tab were disabled until you
saved and reopened the chart Options.
o Relationship Chart - The report didn't respond properly in the
case when the same ID# had been entered into both fields.
o List of People - The five output column choices for '# of
Citations' didn't work correctly.
o List of People - The DNA Log data wasn't being copied when a new
project was created using the Secondary Output feature.
o List of Events - When you used the Secondary Output option to
change flags, only the flag of Principal 1 was being changed when the
flags of both principals in a tag should have been changed.
o List of Citations - An error occurred using the 'Source Number...
= [?]' filter after initiating the filter.
o List of Sources - There was a problem with specifying the data set
when the Repository Number filter was used and the project had more than
one data set.
o List of... reports - Some issues with the Tag Type... filter
selection were resolved for the List of Events, List of Names and List
of Witnesses.
o List of Witnesses - A filter for 'Is a Principal' / 'Is a
Principal' was not being saved when the report was run in French.
o Filters - Various issues with the # of Spouses filter were corrected.
o Filters - An invalid return occurred with Is a Descendant and Is
an Ancestor type filters when the filter had an invalid ID# as the value.
o Filters - An error occurred when filtering for # of Witnessed...
in a language other than English (U.S.).
o Message Manager - Unread messages were being marked as read when
the Message Manager was closed.
o Other minor fixes and tweaks have been made to the program.

This free v7.04.0000 update requires a previous installation of
v7.00-v7.03 (Users with a prior version must first upgrade to v7.0). To
download and apply the update, run TMG, access the Help menu and choose
"Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose "Check for a
Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master Genealogist
group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon restarting, the
startup screen will reflect a version number of "v7.04.0000."

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