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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] FHL Microfilm Source
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 17:56:35 -0400
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Nancy Morgan wrote:
>I am using TMG 7.04 on a XP Pro system.
>I have created a FHL Microfilm Source based on the Book (authored) source.
>[CD]><. Hereinafter cited as [ITAL:][SHORT TITLE][:ITAL]>."
>I want to enter "Georgia, Monroe County, Court of Ordinary" in the
>agency field. However, it prints out as "Monroe County, Court of
>Ordinary Georgia". Is there a way to force it to print the way I
>entered? Should I create my source on a different master?

The [AGENCY] Source Element is part of the Author Source Element
Group. As such, it follows the rules for entering names -- that is,
a name is enter with the last name, a comma, and the given names and
with multiple persons separated by semi-colons. TMG then can format
the name(s) as needed for Full and Short Footnotes, and the Bibliography.

I would suggest that a better Source Type would not be the Book
(Authored) Source Type unless the original of the microfilm source
was a book. You do not indicate what the content of the microfilm is
and thus we can't suggest a better Source Type. For a Family History
Library microfilm, you should first create the Source based on what
it would be IF you had actually seen the original document from which
the film was made. Then you would add something like the following:
microfilm (fiche) no. 123,456, frame 123, Family
History Library (FHL), Salt Lake City, Utah

For example, a microcopy of a book would use the normal Source
Templates from say the Book (Authored Source Type like this for the
Full Footnote:
[PUBLISHER], [PUBLISH DATE])<, [CD]><. Hereinafter cited
and it would be modified by adding the information noted above like:
[PUBLISHER], [PUBLISH DATE]), micro film/fiche no. 123,456,
frame 123, Family History Library (FHL), Salt Lake City, Utah<,
[CD]><. Hereinafter cited as [ITAL:][SHORT TITLE][:ITAL]>.

For another example, consider the Birth Registration (State Level) --
{Birth Certificate}Source Type whose Full Footnote is:
and if the microcopy was for that type document, the modified Full
Footnote would be:
micro film/fiche no. 123,456, frame 123, Family History Library
(FHL), Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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