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From: "Darrell A. Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Where to store emails
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 01:20:28 -0600
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I would rather keep my source documents as tintype photos than keep the
primary copies online. This is *especially* true of e-mail messages, as
my copy may easily be the only one in existence.

When it comes to keeping messages stored in an e-mail client on my own
PC, I am by nature suspicious. Corruption of my e-mail client could
toast not only my current correspondence, but irreplaceable genealogical
documents. However, that is still what I do. I use Thunderbird. Its
message storage is easily backed up. The file format is ASCII or ANSI
text, I forget which, but that means they are readable by any word
processor on a personal computer (regardless of operating system). So by
having a working backup system I avoid the potential problem of a
catastrophic client failure.

**WARNING** I have not successfully backed up my e-mail messages until I
have completed a successful *RESTORE*. That means I take a backup, go
through the restore process, and verify that I can *READ* the results.
Don't lie to yourself. No restore test? No backup. (No, you don't have
to do it every time. But every three or four backups at least, do it.)

Confession is good for the soul, they say. I also print out the most
important messages and stick them in a three-ring binder.


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