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From: "Chris" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Where to store emails
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 08:26:49 -0000
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Hi - I keep all e-mails in Outlook - with back-up copies. I mean ALL since
I have not deleted any personal genealogy ones in the last ten years. I do
not keep copies of those on ROOTSWEB lists since there is a good on-line
archive of those. For the e-mails I quote as sources, I create a PDF
version and save that along with other documents. The name of the file
includes that date and time that I received it and the author's name - e.g.
20091024T1023-Jones_A_W.pdf. I have not yet considered archiving my e-mails
- primarily because the files are so huge that I'll need to await the next
generation DVD-ROMS (the 9GB ones). Yes - I could split the archive - e.g.
by year - but haven't managed to find the energy to do it <grin>.


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I've been thinking about how and where to store emails that are used as
sources in my TMG project.  The way I see it, there are 4 options:

1. Keep all the emails in an email program like Outlook or Outlook Express
(which I guess is dead now)
2. Keep the emails online on Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc
3. Copy and paste into Word (or another word processing program) and save on
hard drive
4. Print out the emails and keep paper copies

Well, I said the emails used as sources, but I guess I really mean all email
threads, that I deem important, exchanged with fellow researchers whether I
use as a source or not.  Some pros and cons seem obvious to some of the
options above. 
1. Emails that come into Outlook are not available online.  The last time I
used Outlook, the back up process was tedius at best.  BUT Outlook is a
great organizing tool.
2. Using Yahoo, there is no backup and I'm afraid that a glitch will wipe
them out.  HOWEVER, they are always available online where ever I am.
3. Copy and pasting into a processing program is a hassle
4. I'm really trying to do away with paper

Are there are other options?  How do some of you do it?  I'm always afraid
the emails could be lost if I don't print them or save them in Word (which
would be backed up regularly), but what a hassle.  I like them online so I
can access them anywhere anytime, but I'm afraid that a glitch may make them

Thanks for your ideas.
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