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From: "Windsong" <>
Subject: [TMG] Tags explanation of each type? What have you added?
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 15:35:27 -0500

Has anyone made a list of all of the tag types and an explanation on how to
use them? Or is such a thing available within the program.

I was entering some military information and saw Milit-beg, Milit-end,
Mltdischar, and Mltinducti. I am not quite sure which to use for what since
the first two are just about the same as the second two. I do understand
that the induction may be first.

And for a short biography do you use - Anecdote, Attributes, Biography,
History? Seems like it could all be covered under one - biography. Although
I often add things people tell me about someone starting with their name
relationship to the person in italics.

And what is Journal Conclusion and JournalIntro?

Would also like to know tags people have added. I know I want to add land
records to mine, and eventually census information tags.

Thank you,


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