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From: "Stan Mitchell" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Newbie Question about Exhibits
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 10:36:14 -0800
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Thanks everyone for the welcomes!

>Jim Byram wrote:

>Read the 'Moving Exhibits' or 'Missing Exhibits' help topics.
>The external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity allows you to
>quickly and automatically update the links to moved external exhibit files.

Thanks for pointing out the VFI feature - I hadn't discovered that yet. I
gave it a try by deleting the PDF file that my citations are referencing.
Then I opened the Exhibits Log to view all exhibits. When I click on a
citation exhibit it complains that it can't be found and replaces it with a
face icon (as expected). I can look at exhibit properties but it doesn't
seem possible to edit the path to the PDF.

I also tried running the command File -> Maintenance -> Validate File
Integrity. It completed with "No Problems". A look at the LastVFI.log showed
that it scanned the exhibits for citations, but it didn't detect the missing
(deleted file). Are PDF files perhaps treated differently than image files?

>And be sure to read the Data File Storage help topic if you haven't done

Thanks for that pointer too - I think I'll have to reread that a few times
for it to sink in. So far I have been using a Windows XP system and haven't
run into the Vista/Win7 changes regarding privileges to the Program Files
folder. However I have used preferences to make drive D the location for
everything (I'm running TMG on a Netbook and drive C space is precious).


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