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From: "sharon" <>
Subject: [TMG] Print Screen
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 21:31:01 -0400

BAckups are a necessity for the person entering the information.
But for the people who are constantly being bombarded with "I got this error" or "My screen says this" This was an idea that was given to me today, that was really something that I had done at a previous job and everyone who has a computer can do this.
It is called Printing a Screen. When a message is sent to TMG, they can SEE what your screen looks like ie: the error, say it is a missing .dll
1. Open email, addressed to
2. Go back to your TMG page that has the error on it and take a snap shot of the page by doing this. Press print screen button, on my keypad it is Print Scrn
3. Paste this on the email to TMG and also write a brief but concise reason for sending this email.
4 Press send.
No more soap boxes to listen to just TMG

Take care,

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