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From: "Tom Momeyer" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Newbie Question about Exhibits
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 17:18:25 -0500
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< I hope I'm not belaboring this issue with exhibits.

Not an issue! This forum is a great place to exchange ideas and often times
various methods. I see your point about not being able to use the census
image as an exhibit to the source where in your case it's a roll. John
Cardinal posted a recommendation to just attach the household census image
once to the census event / tag and not to each of the many citation details.

< Then I moved it [census image] under a "TMG7\Exhibits\census" directory

I do something similar where any images that I want to use in TMG are
"copies" placed under TMG's Exhibit folder and subfolders.

< There are too many redundant entries and a potential maintenance problem.

If I'm reading this correctly, I think that you're aware through other
messages that attaching the same exhibit multiple times to different
citation details causes the "potential maintenance problem". That's why I
attach them to persons, sources, and events / tags, but generally not to
citation details.

< ... is that exhibits were intended for reporting (web or printed) and not
so much for linking to content in the local file system.

Well, I like having "document" type exhibits (certificates, censuses, etc)
attached to sources and events as a convenient "lookup" method - that saves
time over the other method of using just had a personal reference file # and
then going and finding it on the HD. This works especially well in Second
Site where I can have the site open on one monitor and TMG on another
monitor and "pop" the source exhibit links open and edit / fix things in TMG
at the same time.

< For now I'm just using the citation reference field to enter the name of
my external PDF file.

That makes sense!


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