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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG on thumb drive won't install
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 21:08:32 -0800
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What exactly do you have on the thumb drive? If you have the program
installation file (a self-extracting zip I believe, with an .exe
extension), you should be in good shape--sort of. If you have the files
that were on your hard drive on the old machine, those aren't intended
to install the program.

I say "sort of" above, because you'd be better off with a fresh download
than with the old version (if for no other reason than that your old
version might not work correctly on Vista). I urge you to go to the WG
website and download tmg7setup.exe and install that. (I don't know
whether your old license will work, but the 30-day trial will, and if it
installs properly, you'll know it works at least, and then you can
contact WG and ask about the license.)

Jae wrote:
> I copied the entire TMG7, including my data from a desktop computer to a
> thumb drive about a year ago when I put everything in storage. Now I'm
> trying to install it back on my new laptop. It won't install and gives me an
> error message "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter32". This sentence is in a box and
> below the sentence are three things to click on: CANCEL, IGNORE and HELP. I
> click on CANCEL, it takes me back to the drive listing; if I click on HELP,
> nothing happens; if I click on IGNORE, the first box disappears and a new
> box pops up that says "Error of installation, reinstall program". The
> program is what I'm trying to install and can't. The first time I tried, it
> ran through many of the files, and was into the language part of the
> program, past Afrikaners. After that every time I tried, the error message
> pops up immediately. Any thoughts, suggestions?? I was running WindowsXP on
> my old HP computer and am running Windows Vista on my Toshiba laptop.
> Jae Haynes
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