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From: Virginia Blakelock <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Complete Export/import of TMG data sets
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 07:32:20 -0400
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Darrell wrote:

>I consider language customization file locations and backup to be
>unfortunate. It is set up as program data. (I have two copies of
>strings.dbf on my Vista laptop; one under "C:\Program Files" and one
>under "C:\ProgramData".) My custom language was created via the TMG user
>interface, and all of my Tag Type sentences are defined only in my
>custom language. It is a crucial feature of the information I manage in
>TMG. It is user data, and ought to be handled the same way as other user
>data, IMHO.

As I understand the Data File Storage system, the language files _are_
handled the same way as othe user data stored in the Shared Program
Data (SPD) Files location - like customizable Buttons, Graphics,
Frames, dictionary files, etc. TMG has to start out with a full
complement of those SPD folders and files, plus the Sample project, in
the program files location so it can set up and populate the Data
Files Storage locations.

When you backup your files, the strings files in the SPD folder are
backed up, not the strings file in the program files location. The
same for other customized SPD files.

Virginia B.

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