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From: Ida Skarson McCormick <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Regarding married names (and variant names)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:38:34 -0700
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It is best to use the OtherName field and save the Suffix field for
suffixes, conjunctions, prepositions, etc. Items in the OtherName field
do not print except in Name Styles which you set up to print all fields.
If you use a style in which all fields print, you would still need the
hyphen before the contents of the OtherName field.

As far as entering name tags, it is personal preference whether you
enter all variant spellings or just some of them. For example, the
variant Russel is unnecessary to be entered as an additional tag for the
surname Russell, but I would enter the Russel in the memo field of the
source or in the memo field of the event to indicate how the source
read. In online searches I use the wildcard Russel* when permitted. When
it comes to the variant Parrall for Russell, I am treating it in one of
the memo fields, since it is a mistranscription (!) by in
its 1930 census index for one of my Russell families, not a true
variant. I posted corrections in the index for each of the
family members.

One can set up a Name-Std tag for a surname, so that all the persons of
that surname show on the Picklist in alphabetical order if you have a
large quantity of people. Suppress any sentence for the Name-Std tag
from printing if the person did not use that spelling during his/her

In the Tag Type list I set up Name-Topo for Norwegian farm names,
Name-Patr for patronymics, Name-Dit for French dit names, Name-Occ for
occupational names. These and others like them are for the times when
the usage of these types of names was not as fixed surnames or were from
before the time when they became hereditary family names for descendants
(e.g., colonial New Netherlands, early 20th Century Norway and before).

These Tag Types are paired with the corresponding Name Styles which
allow all fields to print. The AllFieldsPrint Name Style covers
miscellaneous contingencies, with the Surname field relabeled Indexable.
Otherwise I relabel the Surname field to match the content of the style
(Toponymic, Patronymic, Dit, etc.). See other messages on Name Styles in
the TMG archives.

--Ida Skarson McCormick, , Seattle

On 8/25/2010 9:00 AM, JoAnn <> wrote:
> <snip>
> Years ago another member of th-s list suggested using -(maiden name)
> in the suffix field. It shows in the picklist, but doesn't print. I
> have added previous married names in the list<snip>
> As for variant spellings, I thought there was already a tag for
> this. I always enter a person with the spelling of the name/surname
> as found in the source (which, of course, tells me what and where the
> source is.) I then add a variant name using the spelling most
> commonly used by the family.<snip>

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