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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Wish List: Leave My Punctuation Alone Code!
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:10:48 -0700
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Lee Hoffman wrote:
> Rick Van Dusen wrote:
>> Is the objection only because some possible future change to the global
>> sentence would fail to carry over to this modified local sentence?
> This seems to be the crux of the matter.

And that makes perfect sense to me--until we get into changing the
sentence from the Memo field, which is what I think we're actually
talking about.

>> Seems to me this risk would be countered by the risk that a modification to
>> the global sentence might subvert the original/intended results of the
>> Memo entry in the single tag.
> The problem for some is that they want to global change to be truly
> global and if it is not then they won't know about it because they
> have forgotten that the Local Sentence was changed. Thus to prevent
> the possibility of forgetting that they have changed a Local
> Sentence, they do not change any Local Sentences. To me, this is
> throwing out the baby with the bathwater as it is easy to determine
> which usages of a Tag Type use a Local Sentence by running a List of
> Events report filtering for non-empty Local Sentences. Then the
> Local Sentences could be reviewed to see if any needed changing or
> even deleting (reverting to the default (Global) Sentence.

I can see your point here, although within the framework of, "It's
always preferable to change the global sentence."

My question comes, though, with considering the local sentence and the
"formatted" Memo field to be not the same thing, in practice.

> One reason that I like Local Sentences is that I can easily vary the
> sentence to prevent the problem of repetitive-sounding text (John was
> born, He married,, He died, He was buried). Of course, those not
> desiring to use Local Sentences can easily enough get around this by
> adding Roles which differ only in the way they read and allowing the
> user to more or less rotate Role (e.g., Sentence) usage which does the varying.

I consider roles and other options preferable to changing the sentence
locally. I would create a single-use role before I'd modify the local
sentence, in the hope that I might need that role again sometime and now
I have it. (Others might read that and say, "What?!", but that's me.) A
local sentence is once.

Even so, in either approach, the end result is that this tag instance is
different from all/most of the others of the same tag type. That's
exactly what we're trying to attain, but it always comes with a risk
and/or a cost, at minimum that it's no longer global.

To me, though, still, changing the sentence locally is not really
different than putting punctuation into the Memo segments.

> Lee Hoffman/KY

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