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From: "Darrell A. Martin" <>
Subject: [TMG] Opposition to local sentences (you know what thread this was)
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 16:20:09 -0500
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Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting my head around why some users object to
> editing the sentence locally and yet have no trouble with "editing" in
> the Memo.


Local sentences are in my opinion, with my data and the way I think, a
maintenance nightmare. Using Tag Type default sentences, output for an
entire group of Tags can be globally edited. Otherwise might as well
just type all text directly into a local sentence -- and I'll bet there
are TMG users who do exactly that. Bless them, and I hope they are as
happy doing that as I am NOT doing that [grin].

I think I may misunderstand what you mean by "editing", but a Memo is
just non-structured text. You have to enter (edit) it for it to even
exist. If you don't have a need for editable text, don't use Memos at
all -- and I'll bet there are TMG users who don't. Bless them, etc.
[another grin]


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