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From: "Darrell A. Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Wish List: Leave My Punctuation Alone Code!
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 16:59:19 -0500
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Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> Okay, I understand fully/agree fully with all you've said here. However,
> we then get talking about using the Memo field for "supplemental data
> fields", and we get into all kinds of detail issues. It's with these
> details that I'm asking, "If you're willing to alter the format of the
> Memo, why not the local sentence?"


How do you alter the *format* of
the Memo?

> If we stick with using the Memo field as a "free-form" field (where we
> are able to enter a big block of text of any form), that's a different
> matter altogether, and the whole point is to make a one-time entry that
> only applies in this one instance and therefore is not worth changing
> our database structure to accommodate. And there, my confusion doesn't
> apply.

But that is all that a Memo (or more
correctly a Memo segment), is: a
free-form text field. The whole point
of ANY memo is exactly what you said,
always, as long as by "instance" you
mean "Tag". (It is possible to output
a Memo segment many times for one
Tag, in different Role sentences.)

> (In either type of use, the punctuation should stay as we put it within
> our Memo entry.)

Except for the standard case in
which a Memo ends a sentence, I
agree. If a Memo does end a
sentence, I might still agree;
but I might not. It depends. In
those cases I want the computer
to do the work, *provided* I have
a way to easily assert control.


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