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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] WIN Vist /7 File Steup
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 16:53:25 -0400
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On 10/13/2010 11:45 AM, Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> 80? I heard about a guy who didn't get his "real job" until he was 80,
> then worked there for 40 years.

That sounds like another urban Myth.

From Wikipedia, the longest unambiguously documented lifespan is that
of Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who died at age 122 years and
164 days.

This is contrasted with the now-disputed claim of age 120 for the oldest
man ever, Shigechiyo Izumi. While this case is still recognized by
Guinness World Records the Japanese authorities have hinted that his age
was not certain.The oldest undisputed male is Christian Mortensen, who
lived to be 115 years and 252 days.

> Yes, buy v7.04. (Actually, you can download it for a free 30-day trial.)
> (Last I knew, purchasers of 7.04 will get a free upgrade to v8.)

My wife think I spend too much time on genealogy but with my 80th she
may relax a bit.
> Not sure what you're saying about Win XP, but you do not NEED to use XP
> for TMG v7.04, except for the printing problem with Vista/7 64-bit.
> Several here have installed v7.04 on Vista or 7 and are using it with no
> problems.

My present computer has XP SP3 and runs fine except for TMG Ver 5
freezing with frequent use; I do not plan to buy a new computer or go
though the hassle of installing WIN 7 and transferring all my stuff to
it. Also I have some old programs that I do not know if they will work
on WIN 7 like Word and Excel 2000, the NEHGR CDs from 1996.

bob gillis

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