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From: "Tom Momeyer" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Upgrades
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 12:31:31 -0400
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Ian said, "I know the limits and I do not use any of the advanced
features such as roles, witnesses etc. And yes I GEDCOM out and import into
TNG (The
Next Generation) and use it for all the interactive and display reports on
my website, except for two TMG reports."

Thanks for the info. So you're entering data in TMG, GEDCOM out and import
into TNG which you use on the web to "show" family history. From TNG's
website, data "... is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically
displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language)." I took a
look at the website and it looks interesting. Terry already pointed out
some issues/questions. I see that it has the ability to generate family
group sheets and several report types "on the fly" which differentiates it
from TMG (the database) and Second Site (a website builder for TMG) - great!
However, without getting into side by side comparisons of TNG and TMG,
you're going to a whole lot of extra work using two genealogy software
databases and you are stuck with the obvious GEDCOM limitations of going
from and to the separate programs. Your TNG website is a huge step up in
comparison to using GEDCOM to go to WorldConnect trees, however, for me,
I'll stick with TMG and SS which work well together.

Ian said, "Take a look an the TNG reports on my site and try and tell me
that they are not easy to generate and fast and that it would not be nice if
TMG could do the same." I use some custom print icons in TMG to generate
quick reports and have no issue with [the TMG] reports. Is there room for
improvement? Definitely, vis-à-vis recent discussions on user interface and

You also noted TMG's inability to dump the entire database out into one file
or document. I may have missed this in my quick look at TNG; are you saying
that it does this?

Ian also said, "I am also weird in that I do not use sources, and citations,
and all that other stuff. It all goes in the memo field for each tag and is
privatized with { } and it bugs me that when I am sitting at my computer I
can not see what is in the { } unless I open that tag." Interesting... just
curious, if you do create a report in TMG, then I'm assuming you can't
create footnotes or endnotes; with the source info going into the tag memo,
doesn't that limit you to reports with the source info in-line with the text
(if you print the tag memo)?

You've obviously put a lot of work into your TNG website, thanks for
pointing that out.


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