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From: "Peter Falkenberg Brown" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] [Bulk] Re: TMG v.8 and Windows 7/64 bit
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 22:51:30 -0500
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Dear All,

Or use Virtual Box or Windows Virtual PC (if you have
WinPro). I installed a 16 bit and 32 bit program on WinXP,
under Virtual PC, and opened files that were in my main
directory tree, running on a Win7Pro-64 bit laptop, and it
all worked like a charm. It keeps things in the same
machine and it doesn't cost a nickel.


> Robert Berg wrote in response to::
> Ian Singer who wrote
> >>Buy a cheap computer with XP, install TMG on it, still
> >>under your licence, restore a .sqz to it and print from
> >>there.
> >
> >I sure hope this was meant as a joke!
> I doubt he meant it as a joke although it was perhaps said
> with tongue in cheek. Still it is a viable idea considering
> that old computers can probably be found for a very low cost
> these days. The problem, of course, is that after just
> shelling out big bucks (even considering that many system
> are not all that expensive these days), the budget for most
> people is not very flexible. A better suggestion is to
> hang on to an old system for TMG v7 until v8 comes out while
> playing with the new 64-bit powerhouse for everything else.
> The two systems could even be networked.
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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