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From: "David Ball" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] [Bulk] Re: Gaia software
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 13:10:39 -0700
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For the non-technical among us, is Person B limited in any way to what can be seen on
Person A's computer? Or in the other direction can Person A see what is on Person B's

If yes, can that be limited without introducing a middle machine (a server)?

Dave Ball

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> Subject: Re: [TMG] [Bulk] Re: Gaia software
> Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> > This seems to confirm my statement that an MS server or RDC is still
> > needed, even though the means to secure it is better and easier.
> Rick,
> No, that's not correct. Here's the scenario:
> Person A has a garden-variety PC that holds a TMG project. They must have a
> version of Windows that supports sharing the file system, but I think that's
> true of either all (or most) of the home versions of Windows. The PC should
> have a fixed IP address on the local LAN.
> Person A has a router that supports VPN. The router is configured to allow
> people who know the credentials (name/password) to establish a VPN tunnel.
> It's important that the router have a stable IP address, and even better if
> it's a static IP address. A DSL line will probably work, but if the IP
> address is dynamic and it changes frequently then keeping the VPN active
> will be difficult or impossible.
> Person B has a garden variety PC. They need a copy of TMG and a license for
> it. They need a version of Windows that supports making VPN connections, but
> again, I think that is part of all Windows versions.
> Person B uses the "New Connection Wizard" to define the VPN connection they
> want to make. They start the connection. Then they map a drive on the remove
> network. For that, they'll need to know the fixed LAN IP address of Person
> A's PC. They can save the VPN definition and the mapped drive definition so
> they cam reuse them next time.
> Person B starts TMG and opens the project on the mapped drive.
> So, no MS server needed, and no RDC needed, either, unless MS now bundles
> the ability to make VPN connections under RDC, and I don't think that's
> true.
> John

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