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From: "Peter Frederick" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] [Bulk] Re: Gaia software
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 14:45:15 +1000
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FYI: Look at DynDns

It will allow you to have a 'published' domain name even if you have a
dynamic IP address. We use it at work now for a site that has a NextG
(wireless) broadband gateway that only offers dynamic IP addresses. Most of
our addresses are static but this allows us to treat even the dynamic ones
in a similar fashion.

You run a small agent on your local computer that 'publishes' your current
dynamic IP to a server at which then makes it available to anyone
that is interested. It's free and reliable. Worth looking into if you have a
dynamic IP and want to be able to get to it from the outside internet

That way you don't have to send communications from A to B C D (etc) that
may be interested in finding your machine to VPN into.

In any case, running TMG across this type of WAN (ie VPN) is technically not
too hard but there are many possible problem areas. Most people (without
networking knowledge) would find it difficult. It's likely to be slow and
possibly unreliable. I would also think there is a good chance that your TMG
database could get corrupted or damaged. Controlling record locks/contention
with users based in different cities or perhaps continents is difficult,
these are features that large database vendors spend lots of time and effort

TMG just not designed to work that way. Assuming it does work reliably on a
LAN (with some limitations), then you might get some satisfaction out of
installing TMG on a Windows server and accessing it via RDP. This would
involve additional server licencing costs but RDP works quite well over ADSL

My personal opinion is that if you are looking at a truly collaborative
family tree project, then wiki based projects like WeRelate (see have lots of potential. Of course this brings up issues of
control, unauthorised changes etc that eventually will be a problem in the
wild wild west of the Internet.

My .02c worth

Brisbane, Australia - Long time lurker

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Subject: Re: [TMG] [Bulk] Re: Gaia software

Rick Van Dusen wrote:
>What you're describing IS a server (Person A's computer), and the setup
>(esp. fixed IP and 24/7 availability) remains as I stated. The only
>difference (if you're correct--I really don't know) is that RDC per se
>is not needed, VPN providing that function.
>So while this appears to be easier than Culpepper described, it still
>has the same costs and risks.

Well, not necessarily. The cost since Warren first did this have
come down -- primarily because hardware and software have gone down
in price. As for risks, yes, there are some. But VPN is fairly
secure. There is probably added cost for a fixed IP (I have looked
at the idea, but not priced it). As for 24/7, this may not be needed
as long as a schedule is maintained. The non-fixed IP could even be
used, but would require much more communication from Person A to
Person B telling B what the new IP address is. Depending on A's
re-start frequency (and possibly other factors, such as ISP shutdowns
for what ever reasons), this may not be too bad.

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