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From: Rae Jean <>
Subject: [TMG] Display of female surname after marriage
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 13:41:37 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Presently, in my database, a Name-Marr tag displays:
Sela (Jasper) Campen
(Jasper) is the maiden surname.
Campen is the married surname.

Have been considering a change to:
Sela (née Jasper) Campen
Sela née Jasper Campen

In case this does not display properly in the message, the first e in née uses Alt+0233 (small letter e with acute).

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who uses née (with or without the parenthesis) to distinguish a maiden surname.
Would appreciate hearing any problems associated with this usage.
Would this usage work with SecondSite website output?
What do you consider to be the preferred method of display for maiden surnames?
Opinions and suggestions appreciated.

Rae Jean in cold Tennessee

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