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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: [TMG] Name Styles
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 08:27:17 -0600

There seems to be some confusion as to what Name Styles do in TMG.

Basically they are just LABELS that tell you what data to enter into what
field. The labels are immaterial to what prints. You could name the label
XDHOUONF and no one is going to see that label but you and anyone else who
uses your version of TMG.

Now what you put in the data fields, that will be seen. You need to be sure
that it is clear to your reader (or gedcom receiver) understands what that
data means.

Now I personally do not use GEDCOM. I will do a report in SS or in TMG and
I will share that, but I will not send someone a GEDCOM.

So if I enter a name as "John Jones (age 32)" or "James Smith (of Rutherford
County, TN)" I have a specific reason for why that name prints that way.
You can also put information into the name style and I do that also. On my
PV and PE, the name shows as "John Jones (age 32) on the 1860 census". The
"on the 1860 census" part does not print. It is for my own use to be seen on
list windows.

A NAME-VAR tag uses the standard name style. You can create as many custom
name styles as you want. You can create as many custom name tags as you
want. A name tag can have a style attached to it.

What I would like to see is the ability from the add witness window to add a
new name tag with a specific style attached to it. I can then select that
name for the witness from the drop down list without ever having left the
add witness window. This could be a feature that could be turned off to
speed up data entry for those who always use the Primary name tag.

But for those of us who use custom name tags, it would greatly speed up data
entry and cause a lot less loss of train of thought.

Teresa Elliott

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