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From: "GRSWEDE" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Descendant Box Chart again - multiple wives
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 17:20:16 -0700
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I had to decide on a referencing number system that would sort in the
picklist so I could see from the resulting list the family groups all
together with male ancestors being the "head" of their descendants. The
numbering system must be selected for the specific grouping you will work
with. In my case I am not doing someone else's family other than mine.
However, I have created projects for distant relatives where the numbering
system is based upon them. Where we have common ancestors, the numbering
following the ancestor's Ahnentafel number turns out to be the same for both
of us because of the way I have designed it.

My system only shows bloodline ancestors and their descendants as the
skeleton with extension numbering to show relationship. Since an individual
can only have one reference number they would have a number indicating that
they were a son, etc of a male person in my blood line. I had to make some
decisions that limit the numbering. Since my system numbers show only
fathers and descendants (and spouses in my suffixed part of the number).
And when blood related females marry a blood related male the children carry
the male prefix and the wife retains her original number instead of as a
suffix of A, B, etc. Complex, but I choose only the shortest path of
relationships to show up in the numbering. Even though your husband is your
son's father I would use your numbering. This is where the system is
limited in that the Ahnentafel numbering is based upon you.

My reference field space is set to accommodate 50 characters which is what
TMG allows. Of 4 thousand plus people that are numbered in my system my
longest number uses 36 characters. Most of the extra characters are used in
describing an individual that is related through ancestor, then descendant,
and maybe some more ancestors of spouses and descendants paths. In any
case, my numbers describe the relationship path between people. In the case
of your son the path would lead to your husband. By examination you can
complete the path.

Again, my reference numbering system was mainly designed to show groupings
of family members. Thus all children of a male are clumped together on the
list. Of course, in turn the children have their grouped with them. I had
so many people with the same given and first names I needed the numbering
system to keep them straight.


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Subject: Re: [TMG] Descendant Box Chart again - multiple wives

John, that sounds like a good idea, but I am trying to get my head around
it. Keep in mind that I married a distant cousin. We come from an area
where intermarriage is common (okay have fun with that, I grew up in TN I
have a thick skin). What do you do when the person is related to you in
many different ways. For instance my son is both my son and my 6th cousin
once removed.

Given the number of marriages some people have discussed, the fact that each
of those could recreate more than one relationship between you and the
person and then the ahnentafel number, how big a reference field do you
The problem I see with your suggestion is that whether a person is related
to the head person on the report by bloodline can change based on the
starting person. If you always use yourself, that might be fine, but what
happens if you use your grandfather, or great grandfather?
If those people are printing in a narrative or chart, their relationship tag
must be set to primary. Simply being able to accent based on the
relationship tag sounds like it might do the same thing.
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