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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Descendant Box Chart again - multiple wives
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2011 22:20:10 -0500
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Ian Singer wrote:
>Thanks, so for the memory impaired conceptually would it be possible
>that when you are in the primary field there could be a pull-down for
>the different types of reports so that you could select a radio button
>for each one to show primary?

You are only in a Primary field if the Tag is marked Primary. That
is, Tags are Primary or non-Primary and fields are not (although a
field may be Primary IF that specific field is in a Primary Tag. If
that specific field is in a non-Primary Tag then that field is also
non-Primary by association.

If you are adding a like Tag (i.e., a second Birth Tag or Death Tag,
etc.) then you should know that the prior such Tags exists and is
probably the Primary Tag unless you have changed it. If you didn't
notice before starting to add the new Tag then just look. If the Tag
Entry screen is blocking your view then just click on the upper
(blue) bar of that Tag and drag it aside until it no longer blocks your view.

>If you have already selected a tag that only allows a one time use
>in the report then the button would be greyed out, or better still
>it would tell you which tag used it and give you
>the option of un-marking that one in favour of the new one.

Again, inspection of the Person View can easily tell you if you have
multiple Tag that are the same. If you have so many that it is hard
to tell the highlight one, right-click on it and choose the option
"Filter for tags of this type". To remove the filter, right-click
again and again choose the same filter option to toggle the filter off.

>As an aside, and this is not from TMG, is this a compressed pedigree
>showing two husbands for Charlotte Singer? (It is user defined and set
>for 7 generations as tat is as far as I go back).
>Is the reason TMG can not do it because it wants to fit it on paper vs
>HTML ?.

It appears to be a Compressed Pedigree Chart to me. IF it was
created in TMG then you/someone edited it to add:
-- the other three focus persons
-- the added multiple marriages.

By definition, a basic pedigree chart takes the focus person (only
one) and shows the _single_ ancestral paternal line and the single
maternal line and does not include siblings at any point unless
both/all shown siblings are _direct_ ancestors.

>All the None KNOWN people are because I was told years ago TMG needed
>them or it would error out on a/some reports. Is that still true as if
>not I will erase them all? I have to look up and see why the Unknown
>ones exist.

As far as I can see that is no need to have them. The same applies to
the parents of Ruth Huffman's husband. I fact, if you did not know
Eli's first name, but only knew that Ruth was married, you would not
even need a Marriage Tag regardless of the number of children that
Ruth may have or not had. I have a number of persons about whom I
know next to nothing and have entered them more as "place holders"
for my own use. But I do not _need_ them for any other reason --
especially for TMG.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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