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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Conclusions
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 10:35:01 -0600

Rick, you see there is where we differ. LOL I know for a fact when my
children were born (and can describe the day in great detail if you'd like
to read it, I can send it off list later. <G>

I know for a fact the name my parents have used for me since I was a small
child (as an infant, they may have used a different name that I wouldn't
remember, but my two aunts and uncle who my parents were helping my
grandmother raise would have known for a fact the name that my parents
called me, because they would have used it as well.
As for my cousin. I know for a fact the name I have called him is the same
name his older sister assured me he had had since birth. I showed her the
incorrect birth certificate, and she said "well the doctor wrote it down
wrong, because we never called him that." She is enough older than him,
that I greatly trust her testimony (though she is now in her 80s) about what
they called her baby brother.

I do understand that memories can fade, they can be replaced with what we'd
like to remember. But if a woman tells me her children's birthdates, I
don't need to see birth certificates to believe that date is true. Now I
think we do agree on one thing. If my cousin states her child was born on 11
Jun 1963 and the child's birthday states 10 Jun 1963, I am going to record
both dates. It's possible the child was born on the Tenth, and Momma was
just aware of the birth on the Eleventh. (having been born close to
midnight, I know my mother did not meet me until the next day. <G>)

But there are a lot of facts I do know without a shadow of a doubt in my
genealogy. The day my dad died. The day my brother died. The day my baby
cousin had her first child. These were dates that were recorded in my family
history and my mind indelibly. I am sure my cousins have dates just like
that where they will never forget the day or the events of the day.

Ask my daughter where she was on Sept 11, 2001 (hint she was preschool aged)
and she can describe the day in great detail. Some dates are just that way.

Rick wrote:

4. I don't "know" anything; I only have a collection of records and what
they state. Only in degrees would I believe my cousin's testimony more
(or less) than a document.*** And I'd record both the document and the
cousin's testimony as sources to support my tag entry. Again, IMHO,
"knowing for a fact" is "above my pay grade". I'm not going to take any
blame for wrong information; "It's not my fault it's wrong; that's what
it says in xxxx."

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