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From: Pierce Reid <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Creating unusual name style [no suname in culture]
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 08:39:07 -0800 (PST)

Of course, patronymics, place names, as well as physical characteristics, occupations, etc. were all used in Britain to distinguish men who were only given one name. They just became embedded in the cultures before most of our families got documented. So now we see surnames as an integral part of our names, and our genealogy programs, in the US, are initially set up on that assumption. Our naming conventions don't work well for people from other cultures, with different conventions.

One genealogical convention is to record a person's name as it was at birth, or at christening. Many of the extras we add to names were not part of a person's name when a child. You cannot be born a "Rev", "Dr", "Col", etc., nor were you "of" your estate name. Even "Sr" was not used until a "Jr" came along. For families that used a farm name, that probably changed over time. There are other reasons a person's name could change at different stages in life. And some people have different names for different aspects of their lives, e.g. maiden name, married name, professional name, stage name, etc.

It might help if we could have multiple "primary" names, each with a date range they were the primary name the person used. The appropriate name might then be used in a tag sentence, based on the date of the tag. Name variations would have dates showing when the person used that name.

At least allow us to add a date range attached to an alternate name so we can easily see which name is appropriate for each tag. I know there is a date associated with a Name Var tag, but that is only when a person started using that name. When was the name no longer used? Is it possible to have the date displayed in the pick list?


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