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From: "Cheryl Freeman" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Linking an existing event to an existing research task
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 14:15:21 -0600
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That is my problem too - way too many events. What I am trying to do now
that I am working on using the research log for completed tasks, is create a
task and link it to a custom research tag I had already created. Just for
consistency. But if there is no easy way, I will find a workaround.

I wish that the event number showed up on the event list that opens from the
research task.

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>Subject: Re: [TMG] Linking an existing event to an existing research
>I think it's far easier to create the task from the research log of
>event. My event's list is far too large to easily search out the
>event, and there's no way for a user to find the event by number like
>repositories or people.
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>Subject: [TMG] Linking an existing event to an existing research task
>I am very grateful for the help I have gotten here recently and hope
>can help me with one more question.
>As discussed I am using custom "To-Do" tags for planned research
>tasks. I
>am trying to link some of the To-Do List tags to a research task
>which I
>have already created. I have a research tag linked to a person, a
>and a repository. (There is only one person associated with this
>Now I want to link the "To-Do List" tag to the task. I open the
>tag, and
>I can see the event number. I click on the research log icon on the
>and can see that the tag is not associated with an event. When I
>click on
>the binoculars next to "Event" I get a list of all events in my
>database. I
>can sort them by person, but once I get to the right person I have no
>way to
>find the correct "To-Do List" tag because I can't see enough of the
>text in
>the memo, and the event number does not show.
>How can I accomplish linking an existing tag to an existing research
>Is there a way to add the event to the research task by its number?

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