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From: "Kathryn Bassett" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Source Elements Screen
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 13:35:31 -0800
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Terry answered:
> The order is determined by the (hidden) number of the Source Element Group
> which each element is assigned. The only way to get them in order is to
> custom Elements into Groups such that they fall in the order you want. The
> trouble is, all the "name" groups fall together in the middle of the pack,
> which makes putting them in a logical order nearly impossible.

I was afraid that was the case. This custom source type is for a special
purpose and the "Publisher" part isn't as important for sorting purpose.

By changing the "is most similar to" of Index Number to "file reference", I
got Index Number to come after Publish info, and after Page. It's before
Call Number and that's acceptable to me. So now, what would I set up
Notebook to be "most similar to", in order to get it to come between Index
Number and Call Number?

As a side not, my output form is:
[PUBLISH DATE]>< [PAGE]>< [CALL NUMBER]><, [CD]>< My index #: [INDEX

Kathryn Rhinehart Bassett (Pasadena CA)
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