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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Linking an existing event to an existing research task
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 16:06:04 -0800
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What is not obvious is that you can resize the memo field "out of the
window". Hover over the right border until you get a double-bar mouse
indicator, click and drag to the right (limit seems to be your monitor's
edge, with a single monitor, and you can scroll out to the edge of the
table and then extend the width again, and again). The horizontal scroll
bar will change to reflect the wider table. (This process works for any
field in the table.)

The MEL window can also be resized out to the limit of the TMG window.
(You can also make it longer, but the combination of wider and longer
will result in the font size increasing--I didn't experiment with font
settings to see if this behavior can be modified.)

Lee Hoffman wrote:
> No. But you can probably see more of the Memo field text by
> re-sizing the Memo field of the Master Event List window. In order
> to do this, you may have to "shrink" the other fields.
> Hover the cursor over the header line of the table on one of the
> vertical lines to get a double-headed arrow, left-click and drag the
> line to where you wish. You may need to move multiple lines to
> shrink most of the fields. Finally, drag the right-had line of the
> Memo field to widen that field.
> If this still does not help, you may need to edit the Tag and its
> Memo field temporarily. For example, you might enter something (say
> "Research Task") and an indicator at the first of the Memo field so
> that you can recognize the Tag in the Master Event List. Then, after
> the Task is attached to the Tag, re-edit the Tam Memo to remove the
> temporary indicator.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY

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