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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] List of Task report by Source Number
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 09:17:11 -0800
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As I disclaimed, "things happen", in the present thread, things happen
that waylay our organization.

I was, however, restating the ideal, in hopes that some users will get
or stay a little more organized, maybe even from the start.

And as I hinted, I'm both motivated and adamant about sources, because
of my background. I inherited my Johnston grandmother's 40 years of work
in the form of over 5000 people with nary a source citation (incl, I'm
certain, many primary sources such as personal letters which can never
be retrieved), my Van Deusen via the landmark 1912 book with only
implied sources, and my Croasdale cousin's hours and hours of research
into primary sources and yet scarcely a citation. I'm committed to not
doing the same thing to those who follow me; they'll have plenty to do
to find the things I won't have found, without having to revisit my
every fact.

I can really understand slacking a bit when "we can always go back
online". However, if I hadn't cited (with retrieved date) one source I
found online early-on, it would be gone forever, because the data, the
page, and the site disappeared within a year of my citation (I have no
idea what happened to Fiona Robison--17 citations). There are no
guarantees that even Ancestry will stay online (let alone keep the same
pages you saw and [should have] cited).

But Cheryl, you, Lee, and others who've gotten behind, I wish you all
the best as you work to catch up. Ain't easy, but it's worth it.

Cheryl Freeman wrote:
> Hi Richard,
(In my case, Rick <> Richard.)
> Good point. I have fairly high data entry standards and I take pretty good
> research notes. I am selfish too - if I do not document my research which
> has not led to information I seek,, I am inclined to do it again...which is
> way frustrating! When I started this obsession I was single with a mostly 8
> to 5 job. A lot changed over the past 15 years. I got married, changed to
> a job that was 60 to 80 hours a week. My genealogy focus for about 4 years
> was getting everything out of FTM to TMG and making changes to use the power
> of TMG - also getting my sources and sentences to read exactly as I wanted
> them. And getting a web site of a subset of people in my database.
> I have been working on task documentation most of today - which includes
> creating event tags where needed. Awful, but I have to do it :( At least I
> have made a career decision that will give me more time now.
> It was easier way back when, when I spent 8 hours at the regional archives,
> or at a library or state archive and came home and entered everything.
> Having access to digital images of original documents online at Footnote and
> Ancestry makes it much harder for me to stay "heads down" on documentation.
> The good news is that about half of my big stack is already in TMG - I just
> combined my stacks one day to straighten up for company. Never again - my
> company yesterday had to walk around my living-room stacks <G>. And they
> will be there - or in the study - until I am done!
> cheryl

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