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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Adding memo to Marriage tag
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:49:38 -0800
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CM is what I would have said if I'd had time to look. I agree completely
that the CD should really only deal with the citation, e.g. a page
number for the particular citation.

The Source Comments field would only work if this is now and forever the
only citation of that source.

And I guess I haven't come completely into the 21st Century after all:
I'm thinking in terms only of what can appear on a typed page. Your
reference to Exhibits has "stirred me out of my slumber".

So I now see about four ways of dealing with the textual content of a
source (e.g. the text of an announcement):

1. Put the quoted text into a tag (for this list, I'll lump Memo of the
event tag and a separate, related tag together), so it appears in the
main body of the narrative report.

2. Put the quoted text into the source (CM or source Comments), so that
it appears in the footnotes.

3. Attach an Exhibit (a file containing an image of the original, or a
version of the text) to the tag so that it appears as a "graphic" in the

4. Attach an Exhibit (ditto above) to the source citation so that it
appears as a "graphic" in the footnotes.

(I'm no expert on exhibits--as in, I've never done anything with
exhibits, so I'm not sure exactly how options 3 or 4 will turn out.)

So thanks to your message here, John, the very idea of options 3 or 4
has been opened to me.

John Cardinal wrote:
> Rick,
> If one doesn't want the transcription in the body of the narrative, there
> are various choices.
> 1 - You could create a text exhibit and attach it to the event, to the
> citation, or to the source. I have lost touch with TMG's reporting options
> with regard to text exhibits, and clearly that has a big impact on anyone
> who wants to show the transcription in a TMG report. Second Site does a nice
> job with all exhibits, including text exhibits, and so for SS users, adding
> the transcription as a text exhibit is a great option.
> 2 - You could put the text in the Citation Detail or Citation Memo field of
> the citation. I probably wouldn't put it in either of those places, but of
> the two, I think the CM makes more sense than the CD. I think the CD should
> provide specifics about the location of the evidence and analysis by the
> compiler, not transcriptions. I put some small transcriptions in CDs in the
> past and I wish I hadn't, so I am undoing that as I come across them.
> 3 - You could put the text in the COMMENTS field of the source record.
> There are probably other options, but those are the ones that come to mind
> immediately.
> I prefer option #1, and typically, I create a text exhibit and attach it to
> an event. If I was more concerned about TMG narrative reports, I'd probably
> use the method I described to Judy, and for some items, such as wills, I do
> use that approach via a custom "Will Text" event.
> John

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