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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] design question
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 10:27:23 -0600
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Thanks Terry, that is what I thought, but wasn't 100% positive.
So to get rid of the current P1, P2 way of handling data within TMG would I
think confuse users who wouldn't understand why they can have unlimited
roles attached to a tag, yet only two (or sometimes less) didn't export to

Then there are the issue of some reports in TMG that only allow the Primary
people (of which only P1 and P2 can be assigned primary status) to be
included in the report. How would TMG know which roles to include in those
reports if we got rid of Principals and witnesses.

NOW don't read that to say I wouldn't love the idea. I am actually all for
it. I just think that it would be a lot of reprogramming how TMG exports to
GEDCOM and to reports.

Personally I'd love to see someone update the GEDCOM standard to be able to
handle roles, role sentences, source templates and a lot of other features
TMG has, but until a lot of other programs have those same features, they'd
have no where for the data to go.
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Subject: Re: [TMG] design question

Teresa Elliott wrote:
> I think the biggest obstacle to this idea is GEDCOM.
> While in theory, everyone listed on say a census
> enumeration should be a PRINCIPAL to that event, I don't
> think GEDCOM allows multiple people to be used for that
> event.

GEDCOM allows for two people to be assigned to "family" events, of which
census is one. However the two people must be a "family," that is married to
each other, or have children together. Accordingly, TMG does export census
tags with one Principal, or two Principals if they are a "family." Any
Witnesses are ignored.

Terry Reigel

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