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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] design question
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 22:51:25 -0800
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Where your Amish analogy breaks down is that, to some extent, we are
*not* allowed to build our own. Yes, we can start from scratch, รก la
GenBridge, but that has the problem of gaining acceptance. The other
choice is to amend GEDCOM, and nobody who has the right to do that is
interested in doing that.

"Therein lies the rub."

Darrell A. Martin wrote:
> It is as though we are discussing the Amish. "Well, no, of course there
> is nothing wrong with their simple life and all. But their buggies are
> so *slow*. They haven't been updated in over a century. They could go so
> much faster if they would just use carbon composites and genetically
> altered horses. They still use wood, leather, and common animals! That's
> a lot of being behind the times." To which the Amish reply, if they
> bother, "Our buggies do what we want, the way we want it. You are free
> to build your own."
> Darrell

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