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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] design question
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 14:03:03 -0600
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Also sureties. UFT had 0-4. TMG has 0-3. So each surety was lowered by one
point. So my old 1s became 0s. I still occasionally find a citation with a 0
surety and a source.

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Subject: Re: [TMG] design question

On the other hand, there are also fields in UFT that get lost using
Genbridge to import data into TMG. For example, UFT has three date fields
for an event: a free-form date, a structured date, and a sort date. The
free-form date is used in text type reports and the structured date is used
where space is limited. Genbridge converts a "non-standard" free-form date
into an "irregular date" and throws away the structured date. I find the
free-form date useful when I want the sentence to use terminology from an
original document, or if I want to add an arbitrary qualifier to the date
(e.g. an estimated birth year "based on marriage date", which is how I want
it to print). (And UFT is very good at decoding a free-form date into the
correct structured date.)

This is just an example of how even Genbridge is not perfect, although TMG
has a lot of features, almost has a super-set of most other genealogy
programs, and Wholly Genes does a custom mapping for each program it can
import from.


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