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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] B.C. date/years
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 22:39:27 -0400
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Richard Damon <> wrote:
>I would definitely say the default sort date should be Gregorian,
>otherwise too many (new) users would get confused on why the sort date
>and date do not match up. I would NOT make a switch to Julian based on a
>table based on country, but either use a proleptic Gregorian calendar
>for all time, or a fixed switch to Julian in 1582.

The only reason that another system might be used would be if the
user selected it based on the system that user wishes (usually one
the user constantly uses). But, if no choice is given; yes,
Gregorian would be the default for the Sort Date.

>The biggest difficulty would be in converting an existing database, as
>TMG has no reliable indication if given date has been recorded Julian or
>Gregorian (and the user may actually not know either as many secondary
>sources do not so indicate, and some dates have been translated and some

Very true. But, I would not suggest that TMG do any conversion of an
existing data set. Only new data would show conversions and that
only until the user clicks on the [OK] button. There might be a
provision for clearing the date fields and starting over to allow the
date to be edited and a newly converted default Sort Date entered.

There are too many variables (including those you mentioned for
starters) to think that TMG could accurately convert an existing data
set. I would leave it up to the user to make any conversions. This
may leave the user with an great deal of work to bring the data set
"up-to-date" with the desired dates, but it lets the user decide
which dates need conversion and how they should be converted.

For most users, only a small number of dates would need
research/conversion (for example, my main data set (51,000 persons)
would only need about 2,000 persons reviewed, researched, and
converted). A few users would have large data sets that would require
a lot more work than mine. But, letting the user make the call leads
to a much more accurate data set (potentially).

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