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Subject: Re: [TMG] FTM
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 22:07:56 +0000
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That is the approach I took after importing my FTM file a few years ago. I gave everyone in the project a "cleaned" flag, set to N. Then, I color highlighted my child's direct ancestors and focused on cleaning them first. Collaterals get cleaned as I come across them.

As you make progress, you can filter the project explorer list to only show direct ancestors (or any other subset of your project)having the "cleaned" flag set to N. Then you can work your way down the "uncleaned" list.

But do make sure you reset the "cleaned" flag to Y as you finish working on an individual. I have occasionally gotten lax in this regard and regretted it later.

Good luck!


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Subject: Re: [TMG] FTM


One of the great helps in cleaning up a large file is the use of accent colours, as Patt
suggests. But you can have more than one accent colour and they can help you both focus
on the clean-up and to guide you to who gets cleaned first. Read up on flags at Terry's
wonderful tutorial site (if you haven't already discovered that gold mine, as well as Lee
Hoffman's site):

If you can define a top priority for cleaning, say direct relations to you, you can create
a custom flag, say RELATIVE, and use the Secondary Output options for a List of People
Report to set that flag to Y for those people. People on this list can talk you through
that process, if the TMG help sections don't make it clear enough (TMG help is usually
very good).

Together with a custom CLEAN flag, you can set the highlight colour for RELATIVE=Y to,
say, yellow, and the highlight colour for CLEAN=Y to, say, light green, and have the
CLEAN=Y be the priority of the two flags. So, if the person is yellow, you need to clean,
but when you finish up all of the yellows, you will know that you have your core database
ready to go. Then you can delete the RELATIVE flag and set up another group to have
cleaning priority.

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> From: [mailto:] On Behalf Of Rose
> Staples
> My file has 23,605 individuals I have been doing serious research for over
> 15 years. Its time I start working on publishing my family history and
> really want to use TMG but right now I am feeling very overwhelmed. Perhaps
> I am going to have to go through each individual and correct everything. Not
> everyone in my file is my relative I have collected information on many New
> Brunswick families. So I suppose I should start with my self and work back
> and just correct everything it will be a huge project.
> I don't know where to start right now I found the import process very very
> long perhaps I need to do it differently.

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