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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] FTM
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:01:22 -0700
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And thus, Rose and other newbies, you can see the flexibility of TMG and
also the wide range of opinions about how to apply that flexibility.

Granted that there is no unanimity on the issue of global* vs. local
customizations of sentences. As Lee says, he customizes locally, and has
"had no problems". But he goes on to state the main concern about local
customizations: If the user makes a lot of local changes, s/he will not
be able to fix a problem with one quick change in the Tag Type.

Other users disagree with Lee to the extreme, absolutely never making
local customizations. Sometimes, however, these users end up with a
bunch of specific custom Tag Types, so that any change to the skeleton
will need to be replicated to every one of these custom Tag Types, and
this approach then comes to more or less the same end.

Let's look at a hypothetical situation to see how this issue works out
in practice.

1. User A frequently customizes sentences for baptisms. Somewhere along
the line, maybe about 1000 baptisms into recording, s/he realizes that
s/he has used the UK spelling of "baptised" and wants to change it to
the US "baptized". S/he changes the Tag Type sentence, but oops! S/he
still has to find and revise several hundred locally-customized sentences!

2. User B NEVER customizes locally, but has over the course of recording
1000 baptisms created 95 custom Tag Types. Coincidentally, s/he also
wants to change the spelling of "baptized". User B will need to modify
95 Tag Types, being careful to be uniform in the changes.

3. User C occasionally customizes a local tag, but only when s/he just
can't make the report come out right otherwise. User C creates custom
Tag Types, but doesn't see a need to make many. It's an amazing
coincidence, but User C made the same error as A and B with "baptized".
S/he will need to change three Tag Types, but will need to search
through his/her 1000 baptism tags to see if any are customized locally,
and fix them individually.

While this example has probably lumped 18 or 27 groups of users into
three, it should give you the idea about the issue here. Rule of thumb:
Always let the computer do the work where you can.

Now you can form your own opinion on the issue.

* In this context, "global" means the customization is in the Tag Type
and applies to all instances of that tag. Local means customization
within a specific tag.

Lee Hoffman wrote:
> I have been customizing Sentences in TMG at the Tag Entry Screen
> (Local level) since 1993 and have had no problems. On the other
> hand, many users spend many, many long hours adding and customizing
> Tags, Roles, and Sentences at the Tag Type (Global level) before
> doing any other work. The advantage of making _only_ Global changes
> is that a Global change will change all previously used Sentences for
> that Tag/Role EXCEPT for any previously used Sentence that has had a
> Local change. While this situation is not _normally_ a concern
> although it should be kept in mind because you might make a Global
> change thinking that all usage has been changed when one or more
> Local Sentences are not changed. Many users make Sentence
> adjustments at the Tag Entry Screen (local) level. Thus Rick's
> recommendation above is not necessarily the recommendation of all users.

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