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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] FTM
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 14:47:01 -0500
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Let me state, I do not locally edit sentences. I have probably more custom
tags, roles and sentences than any other TMG user. The two have NOTHING to
do with each other at all.
I do not locally edit sentences because you cannot then globally make a
change. Each one of my tag "sentences" is actually a Tag "paragraph". I
create the global sentence to read the same for everyone, then add long
memos to fill out the paragraph.
I use custom roles and tags because these show in the PV of the person. For
no other reason.
I can tell at a glance what the event was and what role that person had in
that event. That allows me to have more customized sentences which in turn
means less canned sounding reports. It's not a perfect solution, but it
works for me.
I think it is a misunderstanding that those of us that have lots of custom
tags do it because we choose to not locally edit tag sentences. That is not
the reason at all for me. I do it so I can see the tag name in the PV of the

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And thus, Rose and other newbies, you can see the flexibility of TMG and
also the wide range of opinions about how to apply that flexibility.

Granted that there is no unanimity on the issue of global* vs. local
customizations of sentences. As Lee says, he customizes locally, and has
"had no problems". But he goes on to state the main concern about local
customizations: If the user makes a lot of local changes, s/he will not
be able to fix a problem with one quick change in the Tag Type.

Other users disagree with Lee to the extreme, absolutely never making
local customizations. Sometimes, however, these users end up with a
bunch of specific custom Tag Types, so that any change to the skeleton
will need to be replicated to every one of these custom Tag Types, and
this approach then comes to more or less the same end.

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