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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Overlapping accents
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 18:07:19 -0400
In-Reply-To: <B4CE849C03FA4BD0B1365A18865E7FE7@JLDesktop>

Joan Lince wrote:
> I have set accents for "cleaned up" and "not cleaned up"
> using an entry I type in the reference field when I clean
> up a record. It works fine. Now I want another accent,
> for end-of-line ancestors, so I created a flag for that,
> and assigned it to the right people. This accent will
> always overlap either a "cleaned up" or a "not cleaned
> up" accent, so when applying it I checked "Accent names
> by all matching conditions" and specified a color for
> when more than one condition is met.
> But this instruction apparently doesn't mean what I
> thought it meant, and I can't find an explanation,
> although I've looked at online help, Terry's site, and
> GTMOTMG. The problem: When I apply the "end-of-line"
> accent it wipes out the "cleaned up" accent.


Since everyone is either "cleaned up" or "not cleaned up," any other accent you add will always conflict. From what you have said you did, I would think that you would see the "cleaned up" or "not cleaned up" accent for everyone who is not end-of-line, and see your conflict accent for all end-of-line people, whether they are "cleaned up" or "not cleaned up." So in effect you loose the "cleaned" accent for the end-of-line people.

I would suggest a slightly different approach. I would have an accent for "not cleaned up" and none for "cleaned up." Place that accent condition first, and set the control to "Matching first condition. This way everyone who is not cleaned up gets that accent, regardless of who they are. Make your end-of-line accent second. This provides incentive to clean up your most important people - those you want to accent - so you can see the accent for them.

Terry Reigel

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