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From: "David Ball" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Overlapping accents
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 19:27:55 -0700
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Then do the cleaning on all end-of-line people first <g>. Here is a way to focus on them:

Set up the flags and accents as Terry suggested and then run a List of People report that
only finds people that have their Clean flag = N and their End-of-line flag = Y and the
output of that report will list all of the end-of-line people that still need cleaning.
You can run that report any time you are in the mood to clean end-of-line people.

Dave Ball

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> Subject: Re: [TMG] Overlapping accents
> Thanks, Terry and Rick. I think I am almost up to Aha!
> I guess I was thinking that people had to have an accent to have a color but
> now I realize that of course there's a default color that would show for
> unaccented people.
> But if I understand Terry's suggestion, it would give me no accent for "not
> cleaned" people who are end of line. It seems to me that they are a group
> that need to be singled out. In some cases the process of cleaning them up
> might make me aware of leads to pursue in order to extend the line.
> In view of this, would it make sense to reverse Terry's recommendation, and
> put "cleaned" first, but otherwise do it exactly as Terry says? Then am I
> correct in thinking I would end up with all my cleaned people in one color,
> and the uncleaned people who are end of line in another color, and the
> uncleaned people who are not end of line in the default color?
> Or is there any way to have a fourth color (besides default,
> cleaned/uncleaned, and end-of-line? The fourth color I would like to be for
> people who are end-of-line and the other side of cleaned/uncleaned.

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