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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG] Census tags was RE: Custom tags9
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 11:28:27 -0500
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Terry, I agree with you on this. This is one area where I do believe let the
computer do the work. While I have stated I am opposed (at least at this
point in my TMG use) to using local sentences, even if I weren't having
roles with different sentences seems less time consuming than typing in
thousands of local sentences.
I haven't yet decided how I want to handle accenting tags, because I haven't
yet seen TMG 8. One thing I have in TMG is tags I use in groups. Census and
Census image tags. Deeds, Deed image tags, and deed text tags. By accenting,
I am hoping to make those groups stand out and make it obvious where I need
a certain tag in a group.

I also use the tag type to see what tags I still need. I can also search on
a specific tag type (in a lot of cases I don't have a date in the tag. I use
the official date as my sort date and at times I just enter that.)
But one thing I know Lee and I agree on is we are thankful TMG allows the
flexibility. I don't have to do it his way and he doesn't have to do it
mine. I think a lot of the reason we do things so differently is he came to
TMG from the beginning, I came from UFT about ten years ago. I still do a
lot of things the way UFT did, and I am sure a lot of UFT converts do as

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Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG] Census tags was RE: Custom tags9

Lee Hoffman wrote:
> "Teresa Elliott" <> wrote:
>> Separate tags, allows for a customized sentence for
>> each census year, so that eliminates redundancy in
>> reports.
> As does a single Tag with local Sentences.

But a single Tag Type does not allow for different Roles for the differing
bands of ages in the pre-1850 census, and a different set for 1850 and
later. It also does not provide for different reporting of the significantly
different information available before 1850 compared to 1850 and later,
unless you are willing to edit a huge number of tags locally, which seems
like a waste of time to me.
>> Also it shows on the PV screen which I happen to like,
> Your Person View would show:
> Census1850 1850
> Census1860 1860
> While mine would show
> Census 1850
> Census 1860

I find it much easier to scan just the Type column when I have lots of tags,
rather than have to examine both the Type and Date columns. So, like Teresa,
I have different Federal Census tags for each year just to get unique
labels, even when some of them are otherwise identical.

> The forthcoming capability in TMG v8 to accent by Tag
> Type will no doubt change the way many users work. The
> great advantage of Accents in TMG is also its
> disadvantage in that many accent colors can be
> distracting in the sense of "not seeing the forest for
> the trees."

I agree that being able to Accent Tag Types will be very helpful, and that
it will not be helpful in distinguishing between different census years
because there are just too many of them. But I think it will actually make
the use of unique labels for each year even more valuable. It will allow
users to mark all census tags with a single color, making it even easier to
scan for missing years by just scanning the Type column.

Terry Reigel

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