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From: "Tom Momeyer" <>
Subject: [TMG] Transcripts (was Global vrs Local Sentences)
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 20:56:41 -0400
References: <> <201132116323.008231@Terry>
In-Reply-To: <201132116323.008231@Terry>

Terry said, "I agree. I don't think transcripts of wills belong in will tags
any more than transcripts of census records belong in census tags, or
transcripts of obituaries belong in obituary tags. Others of course will
differ. But I think generally a summary should be used, except for those
cases where the text itself is particularly interesting."

Agreed. I tackled "what to do for transcriptions" (for old letters, obits,
etc) in TMG recently and finalized (OK, I know it can be changed later on...
and re-worked :-) ) a method to forge ahead, that is, to put a summary in
the event tag and attach the scanned image as an exhibit to the event. So,
here's what I like about this... in Second Site (website creator for TMG
data), if you set TMG event exhibits to "embed" and "re-size embedded
images", the summary in the TMG tag displays nicely and there is a thumbnail
of the image to click on and "go to" if you're so inclined. For an example,
see (and scroll down) This works well for
images that are easy to read (newspaper clippings, etc). For some others,
e.g., handwritten items, it's easy enough in Second Site to create a webpage
with the image and transcription.

However, I'm using TMG reports, especially the Journal, and the summary
shows up nicely. Would like some ideas "what to do" with the copies of the
full image or exhibit. Do you put them into appendices and if so, how do
you reference them in TMG? And, if you're using SS, how do you do this so
the reference to the appendix doesn't show up in SS (because it's not
needed, you can click and open the exhibit / image).

Thanks, Tom

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