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From: "Cheryl Freeman" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Name changes in narratives
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 22:40:46 -0500
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Ian, I have seen your posts on this subject and hope I may have something
that can help going forward. The name which appears at the top of the
Person View is the one you have selected as primary. If you have not set
any as primary, it is the first name you entered when you created the

Not all TMG users want the birth name to be primary. Two examples:

My paternal grandfather was a Russian immigrant to the United States. I
have found 2 versions of his Yiddish name in Russia, and because of that I
am sure I know hiw Hebrew name

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>Subject: Re: [TMG] Name changes in narratives
>On 3/21/2011 10:06 PM, John Cardinal wrote:
>> Go to Alex's TMG record and click on the Name-Var tag where the
>given name
>> is Alec. Then click the "*" button in the toolbar to make that name
>> primary.
>Yes, I know that but I do not know which person records I changed the
>primary name. I need to find them.
>>> How do I find all people whose name
>>> variation is primary to revert them?
>> I don't understand that question. You seem to be assigning a
>> "is a variation" to name tags, and there really is no such
>> There are name tags with the label "Name-Var"--they are the most
>common type
>> used in TMG projects--but that's just a label and doesn't signify
>that the
>> name is an alternative to some other name.
>> Everyone has at least one name tag because TMG requires it. In
>addition, one
>> of the person's name tags must be marked primary. The default name
>tag type
>> is "Name-Var", so most name tags in a TMG project, primary or
>otherwise, are
>> Name-Var tags.
>I did not realize that the name at the top of the person screen is
>a name-variation. In my case I ALWAYS want the name at the top to be
>birth name. Are you saying if I never set any other name as primary
>the other name variation will never show in a report?
>> There's no automatic way to change the non-primary name tag to be
>> primary name tag.
>Manual is fine for me but if you are saying that the the name as the
>is classified as same as name variation then it probably is not
>possible. My grandfather on my fathers side has his born name and two
>name variations and I did not even include his Hebrew name. Perhaps
>problem is TMGs design where there is no connection between birth and
>name. and I think when someone is born they have a name and the two
>things should be tied together forever.
>Ian Singer
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