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Subject: Re: [TMG] Name changes in narratives
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Sorry, sent this by accident! Complete answer and appropriate deletions

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Ian, I have seen your posts on this subject and hope I may have something
that can help going forward. The name which appears at the
top of the Person View is the one you have selected as primary. If you have
not set any as primary, it is the first name you entered>when you created
the person.

Not all TMG users want the birth name to be primary. Two examples:

[Cheryl Freeman:] 1. My paternal grandfather was a Russian Jewish immigrant
to the United States. I have proved 2 versions of his Yiddish name in
Russia, and because of
that I am sure I know hiw Hebrew name.. His primary name is the one that he
used after he immigrated. There was no formal name change, he just adopted
it after he had been here a few years. (Much in the same gleeful way he
adopted July 4 as his birth date (rather than struggling with the
differences between the Hebrew Calendar and the Julian Calendar). My
grandfather never told his children about his Yiddish name - he left it
behind with a plethora of horrors on his way to a new life in a new land. I
show it in my reports, but to honor him, it will never be his primary name.

2. My father, his son, was the first son born after my Russian Jewish
grandparents immigrated. My father was born in a hospital in the United not
after his parents immigrated. The name on his birth certificate - a mixture
of what my grandmother intended to name Dad, and what the nurse actually
heard, how sne decided to spell. My father didn't know what his "real" name
was until he got a copy of his birth certificate to get a passport. The
name on his birth certificate was unpronounceable and my father had his name
legally changed before his passport was issued. His birth name is in my
project with double exclusion marks. I will never use it beause he never
used it, only his BC was created with it and he hated it so much:(

If I wanted a name to be the birth name, I would create NAM-VAR or custom
birth name tag, and select that name for the birth tag (rather than the
primary name). That way the birth name will be connected to the birth event
and the primary name will be the one that I choose to show (based on
analysis of the evidence) as his primary name


Ian Singer said:
>>problem is TMGs design where there is no connection between birth
>>name. and I think when someone is born they have a name and the two
>>things should be tied together forever.
>>Ian Singer

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