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From: Sue <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Citing Poor Sources - Was: Re: Name changes in narratives
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 16:50:09 -0700
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When all else fails, I have a source called "WAG" (wild -------- guess)
This allows me to create a filter and find those "sources" -- and work
on finding a better source/more data. "WAG" isn't really a source of
course, just a kind of placeholder to assist my research.


On 3/23/2011 1:17 PM, Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> Yes, Lee, upon reflection, I guess my actual discomfort is in entering a
> guess in the first place. However, with a birthdate, there's often a
> need to enter at least a sort date. And we've discussed a few other
> valid reasons to enter "something" (although usually that something
> comes from "somewhere", and thus can rightfully be sourced).
> Revised position: If I MUST just guess, I'll identify that guess as a
> guess by means of a Memo entry and/or a source entry. I like Kaye's
> Source Type for the purpose.
> Kaye Wykoff wrote:
>> I have a source that I occasionaly use called "Personnal calculations". The
>> full out put is just [COMMENTS], [CD]. In the source definition> supplement
>> tab> comments, I have the following statement:
>> "In addition to extrapolating data from already proven information, the
>> following assumptions are used: A man was at least 17 years old when he married.
>> A woman was at least 15 years old when she married. A child was born after the
>> marriage of his/her parents, not after the death of the mother and within a year
>> of the death of the father. A woman did not have a child after the age of 50."
>> In the CD I just do a little more explaining or tell which of the assumptions
>> was used or from what data it was exprapolated from.
>> This gives me the ability to explain a date or marriage or death that I've kind
>> of guessed at, but have some logical reason for doing so. It mainly reminds me
>> where I got the info. I stole this from someone--can't tell you who or I'd give
>> them credit. It may have been someone on this list!
>> Kaye
>> ________________________________
>> From: Lee Hoffman
>> Seriously though, I sometimes enter a circa date with a Source
>> Citation that simply says "Estimated information" and I given it a
>> Surety Value of zero. With the zero Surety, I can print all my
>> reports and not print those dates -- leaving the estimated dates just
>> for my use. Still my estimate usually has _some_ basis rather than
>> just a WAG (Wild Area Guess). Most people would estimate a date
>> within about five years of my estimate. So even if I goof and let
>> these dates print, I don't worry too much since they are circa dates
>> and are cited as estimates.
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